We take pride in showcasing the extraordinary creativity of remarkable Canadian & UK artists in each of our books, making every one a reflection of the diverse and dynamic spirit of our community.

  • Jen

    I am inspired by the beauty of nature and the depths of emotion, constantly working on ways to bring them together. I see beauty in darkness, light and in between, so I like to bring it all together when I can. I hope that with my artwork, a sense of connection comes, within ourselves and with nature, in that unspoken realm where we see and feel in our truest and deepest ways.

    Click me: @miranova_7 
  • Josh

    My work speaks to those who wander—who don’t belong. My battles with cancer as a young adult warned me that my time should not be spent trying to fit in, but learning to embrace the strangest parts of myself, including the monsters and demons. This struggle is found in each of my pieces: the corruption of realism with the surreal; the distortion of the physical world by our metaphysical imaginations. I believe that seeking to understand this internal dialogue is critical to a healthy life.

    Click Me: @harnackart 
  • Courtney

    With a passion for the mystical, Aude crafts digital drawings that dance with ethereal beauty, conjures hand-drawn originals that tell haunting tales, and breathes life into witchy-inspired wood art that echoes the mysteries of nature. Her art is a spellbinding fusion of nature's allure, horror's embrace, and the macabre's intricate dance. Join Aude on a journey through realms where imagination knows no bounds, and where every stroke unveils a glimpse of the otherworldly.

    Click Me: @audetattoo 
  • Jordan

    I'm a local artist in Edmonton, AB, whose embarked on this adventure with Mindful Colorings to get involved with other avenues that help mental health awareness in a creative outlet, that I have personally utilized in my own journey. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to share my passions with others in multiple aspects that fill my heart and cup.

    Click Me: @skinartj 
  • Kavya

    Fineline tattoo Designer & Illustrator

    Click Me: @kavya_florals 
  • Kylee

    Hi! My name is Kylee Dickau and I’m a self-taught artist from Ponoka, Alberta. I’ve had a passion for art since I was young and have always been creating something one way or another. My main medium is through digital art, but I dabble in clay, acrylic, watercolour, and whatever else strikes my interest. I enjoy creating pieces that are inspired by flora and fauna, witchy and celestial beings, anything mystical or whimsical, as well as the human form with a touch of spice.

    Click Me: @sagespiritartistry 
  • Lindsay

    Lindsay Penny is an Alberta-based illustrator specializing in digital art and children's book illustrations. She believes that art - and life - should be whimsical and fun! Lindsay finds inspiration through finding glimmers of magic in nature and hopes that her illustrations inspire others to bring more joy and creativity into their lives. She is a self-published children's book author and illustrator and sells her art prints on her website below!

    Click Me: @lindsaypenny.art 
  • Emily

    Emily D’Souza is a vibrant and imaginative young artist from British Columbia, Canada whose passion for art knows no bounds. Her work captivates the beholder and invites them to explore the enchanting realms of her imaginative mind. With a love for both storytelling and art, Emily has big plans, so be sure to follow along as she continues her artistic journey bringing her amazing stories and art to life.

    Click Me: @e.dsouza_arts 
  • Brie

    Hi! I’m Brie and I’m the owner of @yourmamasbling and overall artist. I have experience with multiple paints, graphite, makeup, sculpting, embroidery, digital art and my newest - tattooing. I hope you enjoy colouring these pages as much as I enjoyed making them. Follow me on instagram to see my progress and art as a junior tattoo artist. Thank you!

    Click Me: @mosster.ink 
  • Alyssa

    Alyssa (She\Her) is in university to become psychologist. She is passionate about her artwork and education intertwining. Her artwork has always served as an outlet for her emotions, and she hopes to inspire others to use this book and other artistic outlets to express deep emotion while reducing stress and anxiety.

    Click Me: @alyssa.ky 
  • Chyeana

    I've had a love of art ever since I was a small child. I mostly stick with traditional mediums, mainly ink, markers and watercolour. I find inspiration in many corners of my world, and the window I have through the internet. Thank you!

    Click Me: @brightkharma 
  • Cry Wolf

    Hello, I'm cry wolf! My art is inspired by feelings, daydreams, and beings from this world or another. I'm so very grateful to be able to share art with you and the universe! As someone who has anxiety and it on their own mental health journey, I am honoured to be a part of this special journal, and hope it brings you comfort.

    Click Me: @crywolf.art 
  • Dylan

    I am a local Artist who grew up in Edmonton. I am a nerd by nature, Teacher by trade. I am a big believer in Mental Health support and am honored to contribute to this amazing project.

    My contributions to this project are dedicated to all the Happy Roaming Rangers out there, who are making memories across the stars and the heavens.

    Click Me: @dylan_the_humble_nerd 
  • Alicia

    Alicia is a painter and illustrator who called Edmonton her home. She is an explorer at heart, and gathers inspiration from the dramatic landscapes she encounters on her adventures throughout the West

    Click Me: @abeastie 
  • Jinessa

    Hello, I am from Edmonton, AB. My favourite artwork to do is a mix of fantasy and illustration art. Mental health is something I struggle with myself, but my art continues to help me overcome it. I hope you can find peace in my artwork as well.

    Click Me: @jinkxy_j 
  • Britany

    My name is Britany, I am a local artist and mom. Being an animal lover I decided pet portraits were where I would begin! As someone who suffers from anxiety I know how important it is to have something to keep your mind busy and engaged so I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this amazing colouring book. I hope you enjoy all the beautiful creations by the artists.

    Click me: @artbybritanyd 

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